Andy Unvamp (boom_he_said) wrote,
Andy Unvamp



i have been liveing in portland for over a year now. not to much has changed. i secretly love the weather this time of year. cold and always just about to rain. i love wear four layers of clothes and riding in the rain. the air feels dang and easier to breath for some reason.

being poor is hard. you have to keep such close track of your funds... you could spend it all on campy parts for your bike but then you cant buy food for two weeks and for a while it was soo worth it. then this economy got shity and every dollor counted and all you have is cut hours and your dope ass bike and no food... so rethinking that whole thing.

did the bar scene thing for a little bit that got exensive really fast. so had to stop that and just buy 18 packs of Rainer every three days which is cheaper.

had a good turkey day. went to matt and clairs and played monoply (by the way if youre poor fuck that game) then ate some great food. talked about bikes got high and rode home.

hanging out with a girl named kelly. first girl ive met here that isnt completly out of her mind. (i mean that in nicest way possible)

gonna be comming home soon for hoilday that should be awesome. i miss my mom and my dad. for real my parents are some pretty awesome people no doubt! my brother still cant get it through his head that i dont like jesus at all. i look foreword to ride bikes with him!!!!!!!!

xoxoxoxooxx andrew trask
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